What is WTT?

WTT is a tool for practising phonetic transcription and dictation on the web. The current version caters for both learners and tutors. Tutors use the tool to select or create a group of transcriptions which their students can then attempt. Tutors can monitor the progress of their students via the tool.

At the heart of WTT is an application which provides automatic feedback on users' attempts. Users receive help in the form of

Tutors can control the times at which such feedback is given in order to promote active learning.

WTT is able to support the transcription of many languages/accents, although at present it contains symbols definitions for English RP and Spanish. Incorporation of other languages is relatively straightforward, and we welcome volunteers to provide a base of example transcriptions for other languages. WTT also supports dictation exercises.

WTT is one output of a project involving the University of Sheffield (Martin Cooke), University of the Basque Country (María Luisa García Lecumberri), University College London (John Maidment) and the University of Stockholm (Anders Ericsson).

The UK Medical Research Council Institute for Hearing Research has kindly made available some speech material for the dictation exercises. This audio material is to be used solely for the purpose of the dictation exercises, and its copyright is owned by the MRC IHR.  Details of how to acquire the original audio material can be obtained from http://www.ihr.mrc.ac.uk/products/.