Problems page

It is possible that you will experience some problems with WTT, and we would certainly like to hear about them. However, there are a number of things which you should check first. Here is a list of potential problems and their solutions:

Problem: unable to see transcriptions: instead, a light blue box appears, possibly with the message "Loading Java applet".

You may need the Java plugin for your browser. You can get it here. Installing the plugin should be a simple, one-off process and will enable you to run any Java applets you come across in future.

If you can see the message "You are successfully running a Java applet" below (give it 10-20 seconds to load), then your plugin is working!

Problem:I can see some but not all of the phonetic symbols I expected to see

You may not have the correct font installed. WTT requires that you have the Lucida Sans Unicode font installed on your system. As a check, you should be able to see correct IPA symbols for the phrase "web transcription tool" below.

Lucida Sans Unicode: web trænskrɪpʃən tu:l

You can download the Lucida Sans Unicode font.

Problem:Pages appear badly formatted or contain missing parts.

Apart from routinely bad formatting due to the lack of a professional designer, any poor layout is probably due to the fact that I haven't yet tested the stylesheets on anything other than Internet Explorer.

Problem:I've been presented with a screen telling me there is a problem.

First, it may simply be that you have been inactive (with WTT at least) for more than 2 hours. After this time, the system logs you out in order to recycle any resources you're consuming. The solution is to log back in.

At present, this screen does not distinguish between intermittent problems caused by unavailable resources (eg database connections) and permanent problems caused by software errors, although it is often possible to determine the nature of the problem by the diagnostic message at the bottom of the screen. These messages are for me, the designer, during the early testing phases. The entire procedure for reporting errors to the user will be replaced for the first stable version. All you can do is to report the problem to Martin.

Problem:On submitting an attempt or saving a transcription, I'm confronted with a warning telling me that it contains a non-phonemic symbol.

It is possible to add non-phonemic symbols into your attempt by accident. For example, the long i, denoted i:, is made up of two characters. If you delete the i by mistake, the colon remains and cannot stand as a phonetic symbol on its own. You should look through your transcription to check for any such illegal symbols. This problem can also arise when you cut and paste non-phonemic symbols into the transcription window.